Our Mission

The Outpost’s primary goal is to foster a community of Rust players through organic and memorable experiences. All servers are actively moderated by like-minded individuals. Please, take a second to read our rules before playing with us.

All of our Rust servers are run on dedicated hardware with a high tickrate.

Outpost.vip 3X – Monthly

Server IP: 3x.outpost.vip:28015
Players Online: /150 [player stats]

Wipe Schedule:

Map Wipe (community chosen seed): first Thursday of the month at 3PM – 6PM EST.
Blueprint Wipe: first Thursday of the month at 3PM – 6PM EST.

Server Features:

  • 3x Gather Rates (1.5x for sulfur)
  • Increased Stack Size (5,000)
  • Furnace Splitter
  • Custom Loot Tables (Loot+)
  • N Teleportation (TP)
  • Quick Smelt
  • Raid Notifications on Discord and In-Game
  • Starting Kits
  • No Night or Fog
  • Trade
  • R-Remover Tool (/remove)
  • Reduced Minicopter, Boat, Horse Decay
  • Better Chat
  • Private Message (/pm)
  • Clans
  • Nonintrusive Kill Feed

More Servers Coming Soon…