[Admin] Kevin (HashPi)

I am likely the least formal person you’ll ever meet. I’m the kinda guy that’ll sit Indian style at a restaurant. Hopefully that will paint a picture of my character.

I’ve been a hobbyist server administrator for close to 20 years now. I started by running a website on an old Pentium III with IDE drives on a 128 kbps home connection. Later switching to a Pentium 4 with 10,000 RPM SATA drives. I expanded into game and voice servers (Counter Strike 1.6 and TeamSpeak respectively) while upgrading my home connection to 384 kbps (upload). I thoroughly enjoyed the optimization/tweaking required to run a smooth server on such a limited connection. Man… those were the days!

Today, I am a stay at home dad of two dogs. A lovely fiancee that doesn’t seem to mind bins of computer parts (most of the time). I day trade for a living.

P.S: I like to poop with the door open.

[Discord Mod] Robert (Pepe)

If you see this guy… run! He may chase you with a stick and two blueberries, if you catch my drift. If you have an in-game issue, Pepe (peperob#8412 on Discord) can rely issues, suggestions, etc.

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